Minting and Gautby are neighbouring, and closely connected, villages and parishes near the geographical centre of Lincolnshire  between Wragby and Horncastle. Set in gently undulating farmland with the extensive Lincolnshire Limewoods to the west,  both villages have historic connections. The Domesday Book of 1086 does not mention Gautby, but refers to 'two Mentinghes'  Minting was notable for its small Benedictine Priory which existed with a somewhat chequered history from  the early 13th century until the Dissolution under Henry V111.  Gautby was the location of 'Minting Park' - a medieval hunting park, and also the now demolished Gautby Hall, a country seat of the Vyner family, who were descendants of Sir Robert Vyner, a London banker and goldsmith to King Charles 11.

Both villages enjoy an open, uncrowded aspect, which, with little through traffic provides a relaxed atmosphere enjoyed by walkers and equestrians. Minting has the Sebastapol pub, a spacious modern village hall and St Andrew's church, whilst Gautby, has a compact village hall,  All Saint's church and Minting Park Farm shop.

A sunny day at te Sebastapol

The Sebastapol, Minting

Minting priory ite

Minting Priory earthworks


Minting Classic Motor Show

 Sunday 8th September 2024


St. Andrew's Church, Minting


The Village Hall at Minting

All Saint's Church, Gautby


Minting Community Choir

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Gautby VH

Gautby Village Hall

Harness room

Minting Park Farm Shop,  Gautby


Minting and District Gardening Club

GreenField Farm B & B

Greenfield Farm B & B, Minting

Sowberry House B&B, Gautby

Old School Crafts, Minting.

Bookbinding, yarncraft etc courses.


St Andrew's Church.  Detail of an early medieval 'cross shaft' sculpture, described as 'most rare and interesting' by the renowned architectural historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner in his book series 'The Buildings of England'. 

White's Directory of lincolnshire 1856